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Shimon Machida



Solve your broken laptop problems

Square One

Don't go fishing

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Ambitions Poster 2 copy.tif

Ambitions (2018)

A promising young actress strives for applause,

but her dream turns into nightmarish reality.

Don't be THAT guy

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where you are shapes where you go

metro Vancouver  life

Dude. Poster_shimon machida_director_film

Dude. (2019)

Matthew is 16. he wants to impress, but fails to impress.

so he tells the camera to stop filming. but it doesn't.

About this human

Directing commercials and branded content for clients from Los Angeles and Vancouver to Tokyo over a span of ten years has made Shimon into some kind of an idiosyncratic visionary fitted with a culture-conscious lens.


He may be known for his original soundtracks, a knack for lighting scenes, and peculiar attachment to cinematic details, but his heartstrings are tied to team collaboration and capturing the spark of spontaneity in human emotions.


His downtime is spent passionately perfecting the art of cooking French-style eggs and nodding his head to polyrhythmic technical metal whilst meandering around the philosophy section of whatever book stores that still exist.


Currently, Shimon is in the midst of post-production for a spooky short film and a feature-length documentary that miraculously ties hockey and home renovation together to create what he believes is the most bitter-sweet piece of content he’s ever directed.

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ADDITIONAL FACTUAL DATA pertaining to the human

  • The commercials he’s directed has collectively accumulated over 40 million views 

  • Has a Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Arts from Capilano University

  • Worked as a creative director and music producer for Rashad Haughton in Tokyo

  • Jury at BC Student Short Film Festival

  • Has an insurance license in BC

  • Thinks bass is cooler than guitar


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