C i n e m a t o g r a p h E R

A montage highlighting my work as a cinematographer from the summer of 2013 to fall 2014.


"Renminbi Tips" Good for Grapes WINNER "Best Music Video" National Film Festival for Talented Youth

In order of appearance:

"G" (Short) directed by Matt Seeley
"Skipping Stone" by Good for Grapes (Music Video) directed by Cole Jackson & Tommy Lee
"Starcrossed" (Short) directed by Brandon Braich
"The Machine" (Short) directed by Brandon Braich
PSA video directed by Megan Posnikoff 
"Analog" (Short) directed by Peter Warkentin 
"John Doe" (Short) directed by Brandon Braich
"Renminbi Tips" by Good for Grapes (Music Video) directed by Tommy Lee


*Footage shot on Canon EOS 6D and C100 with Zeiss and Nikon Lenses.